6 Criteria to Choose the Best Salesforce Consultant for Your Company

Choosing the best Salesforce Consulting partner is critical to your company’s digital transformation journey because their expertise will help you make the most value out of your investment in the Salesforce platform. Nevertheless, many Salesforce customers have difficulty finding a great partner for the first time. As a new Salesforce customer, you need to understand that the search itself is hard work, one that involves a lot of research and consideration. To choose the best one, first, you need to look for a good Salesforce partner.

An experienced and certified Salesforce consulting Company usually have the following traits:

1. They have positive reviews on Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange is the most trusted Salesforce marketplace with more than 7000 apps and Salesforce-certified organisations to help extend Customer 360. After a project is accomplished, a current customer can write reviews to help future customers understand the experience with the partner. The AppExchange listing for a Consultant/Consulting Company also provides useful information, such as the number of projects accomplished by them, the number of certified experts, and years in operation.

2. They have an excellent record of accomplishment of Salesforce Implementation

Actions speak louder than words and so the outcomes a partner has delivered to their existing clients speak louder than impressive sales pitches or fancy business proposals. As mentioned above, the Salesforce AppExchange site is helpful in giving you insights into the quantity and quality of a consultant’s past projects. Besides, case studies, customer success stories or demos can give a deeper understanding of the solutions that have been implemented so that you can see whether they can apply to your company’s situation.

3. Their team members are experts qualified in Salesforce

The Salesforce ecosystem offers continuous learning and growing opportunities for its users via its online learning platform called Trailhead. Besides Trailhead, Salesforce professionals can prove their expertise in particular areas by getting Salesforce certifications. A Salesforce Consultancy that pays attention to getting their employees certified also proves that they focus on understanding the ins and outs of Salesforce products and getting updated about the latest functionality of the platform.

4. They are responsive to your questions and attentive to your needs

Customer care is an important part of any services, especially B2B services. During the first phase of getting to know your organisation, the partner should show that they are willing to go beyond to help you solve your business problems, by being responsive to your emails or listening carefully to the challenges that you are having. If they fail to show their commitment from the beginning, it is very unlikely that they will provide you with a satisfactory experience later.

Now that you have met one or a few good partners, you can heave a sigh of relief. However, if you are on a quest for the best Salesforce partner for your company, there is still a lot of work to be done, because, among those good ones, you also need to find one that is a great fit for your organisation. ‘Fit’ means that:

5. Their expertise aligns with your industry

Besides having technical skills, the Salesforce partner of your choice should be familiar with your industry. Recently, Salesforce has been building industry-specific solutions, which leverage Salesforce’s core CRM (Customer Relationship Management) offerings to develop products specialised to different industries such as Education, Nonprofit, Manufacturing, and Consumer Goods. Consequently, an industry-aligned partner will not only understand your industry’s unique challenges and requirements, but also have profound knowledge of your industry-specific cloud, or in other words, a suite of products.

6. They should also be a cultural fit for your organisation

Adopting and using Salesforce will be a long run, and so will your partnership with the Salesforce consultancy. Because of that, you should really consider hiring a partner that can be an extension of your company in terms of values, work ethics, and communication styles. At the same time, give room for some differences because consultants with slightly different perspectives and experiences will also bring fresh ideas and methods to the table, giving your organisation more to learn in the future.

To Wrap Up:

These are some of the tips to select the right Salesforce Consulting Company. By getting in touch with the right partner, you will be able to skyrocket the productivity and revenue of your business.