Social Selling How to use Social Networks for your sales strategy?

In a saturated market, where, as a rule, companies are already online and trying to gain a niche in search engines, social selling is emerging as the new sales strategy.

The sales department is struggling every day to find out about a new sales strategy. Gone are those days when you picked up the phone, made three calls and got a meeting or even a sale. If you do that right now, the only thing you can get is an earache.

And it’s all based on data, in fact more than 90% of executives never answer their calls.

In the face of all these challenges and difficulties it is normal for you to ask yourself the question of: How do I stand out from my competition? How can I generate more customers?

What is Social Selling in Social Networks?
Social selling is about nothing more and nothing less than various techniques that allows you to use your social networks as a sales strategy. The buying process is a social process. The buyer is a social individual who uses his friends and contacts to decide which product to buy.

From a time to this part the social networks are being used as a method of communication of the company with its followers. But with the Social Selling the sales strategy is different. Social networks are used to seek information and improve the relationship with the client. Social networks are a fully active part of the sales process.

Is Social Selling Selling on Social Networks?
Really that would not be so, the concept is not to sell in social networks but to use social networks as a sales strategy. In this way social networks would be used to look for opportunities, information about clients and develop social relations.

According to IDC data :
(I.e. 91% of B2B buyers are active in social networks.

(I.e. A very high percentage of top executives use social networks to support their buying processes. (84%)

(I.e. In addition to that 75% of buyers are significantly influenced by social networks.

And is that it is not only that the buying process has changed but that the users who decide to buy have changed. A 2014 study of Google and Millward Brown Digital found that 46% of buyers are now between 18 and 34 years of age, an age among users who use social networks the most.

Aim of Social Selling
Knowing all the above information and knowing that Social Selling is entering strongly into the sales strategy of many brands, it is time to set a target.

There are really few small and medium-sized companies that have a clear plan with clear objectives for online sales. Very few companies have active profiles of their workers and managers in social networks.

And is that, although the term Social Selling sounds like something too new, it is not as new as it seems. Really Social Selling are sales techniques that any salesperson is accustomed to, all you have to do is apply those techniques to an online environment.

NOTE? Knowing the needs and tastes of buyers are the most important goals to succeed in a good sale.
How does Social Selling work in a sales strategy?
The Social Selling tries to build relationships, to know them and once worked the way to get sales. But before building these relationships make sure you choose the right network and increase your audience.